LSN Community Wishlist (revised)

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Welcome to the new LSN community wishlist.
This thread is based on the concept of the old wishlist, which can be found here: click
It is NOT a place for making suggestions... that's what this sub forum as a whole is for. Rather, this thread collects together the ideas that are mentioned the most or that have sparked the most interest when discussed.
It is intended to be an easy way for CODO to see what new features or changes to the current set up have been discussed, without going through the whole forum.
If you feel that something not currently on the list deserves to be then please post here, and I'll edit it in. If you want to post a link to whichever thread(s) are relevent to it then by all means do so.
Wishlist updated: 11th November 2006
Additional Features:
Orders carry over from turn to turn, including aiming times
Saving orders to resume playing later
Top view
Goo'd units are shown goo'd
Goo'd units are stuck, rather than blocked
More direct way to view unit stats (currently buried and unknown)
Map markers
Mutual draw
Server status on website
Incremental terrain damage
Graphical Skins for units
Speech Bubbles
Duke Garland is maintaining a bug and exploit thread elsewhere.
To view it, click here.
First click on order buttons changes to "give orders" mode without actually performing the order.
Challenge Interface:
Opponent statistics
End game statistics
Kill count
Send end game turn to opponent
Include text on open challenges
FPs visible during race selection
Back button to race selection screen
Able to view deployment areas after turn 1
Handicapped deployments
Selectable unit names
Choose from different saved unit name themes
Choose to deploy random eggs as Spawn
All spawn units hatch from eggs in first turn
Choose to end deployment before all FP used (with are you sure screen)
Terrain fire != ground fire
Terrain fire / ground fire on every square
Save/load games
Range and sight indicators
Copy/paste commands
15 second test orders
Flashing out of/low on ammo notice
Clear orders for unit button
3D graphics
Rotate map 90 degrees at a time
Message System:
Respond to final result with a message to opponent
Nicely turn down challenges
Stores message history (viewable while typing new message)
Seperation of halt on sight and attack on sight for melee units
Ability to add messages during gameplay
Pursue without healing / eating / recharging
Healing as a set period of time
Heal until fully healed
Draggable movement points
Multiple unit selections
Playback of turns turn by turn individually
Plotted orders saved
Dragbars to instantly access a particular turn time
Global LOS on finished games
Engineer builds sentry guns
Jump packs
Climb over sandbags
APC unit
Marine Trike with tail gunner
Hoverbike scout carrying shotgunner
EMP grenades
Smoke grenades
Metallic 'clomp clomp' sound for walking XT
MTs and AIs can run people over
MTs and AIs can crash through walls
New graphics for MTs so you can see how many missiles they have
Jump sandbags
Race Suggestions:
Additional Landscapes:
New Tiles:
Future Scenarios:
Capture the Flag
King of the Hill
Kill the Amoeba Alien (the tentacle beast)
Defend the bunker against waves of computer scripted spawn
Invisible Tag
Enemy stronghold CTF (Both sides repawn and defend their own flag for # of turns)
Complete Wipeout (anything other than full wipeout is a draw)
LSN:E Suggestions:
Character Progression
"In the Works"
More than 2 player games
Error Messages:
Better error messages:
- Renaming gamestate files so, that they don't have .lsn extension. (People doubleckick them, people send them to server)
- Better error messages when client crashes
- Better error message when user doubleclicks gamestate -file or orders-file
- Better error message when user tries to play game from another computer, withouth all necessary turns
- Error message when sending post with no attachments
- Error message when sending post with wrong type of attachment
- Better error message when sending gamestate or last turn files as attachments

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Hi, Here are some suggestions I sent in before...
...some are a bit adventurous...
think you would please users if there was the ability to play a 3-4 player game (not sure if that's possible or something you already looked into) where everyone is out for themselves. A kind of Last Man Standing.
I like the idea of internal building structures catching fire for a few rounds with slight extra building damage.
This would also take a hit point from players walking through fired areas during that period.
Not sure how hard that would be but it would bring life back to Grenaders...
Also on the orders piece i find it very frustrating the way the Halt on New Sighting works.
I think there should be two of them halt on overall sighting and halt on local sighting (which is specific to the unit that sees the enemy). I think the opp fire is useful for getting an upper hand on an attack where you expect someone to be but I think it might be good to have a 'if-someone-is-there-then-take-1-shot' order, which obsorbs at max 1 sec of time (to see an enemy before you bother to aim) before shooting with the number of shots you suggested.
One last thing that I think would be good fun is an option to increase FP(for league games maybe, but definitely for Friendlies) up to 50. It would make great fun for Friendlies with killing sprees.

Disaster Area
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Marines with flamethrowers and marines with force swords (from the original LS) ? Sure this was discussed ages ago, as Phigment then included it in his Killer Snowman Race.Image ImageImage Image Image Image
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LSN : Disaster Area

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wow so many ideas. i've been thinking of a few tweaks but not in that detail.
marines: toggle grenadiers between grenades and a line of site rocket so they can give direct fire. assassin character, faster movement, stealth shield, weak but powerful shot could jump 1/2 size walls and a single bomb to drop.
spawn: more ranged fire 'the frog' fires tongue out to do damage.
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I agree with Marines with swords/daggers; used them in a Laser Squad game once, Paradise Valley scenario to remove the miniture bushes, instead of wasting my ammo.
Also killed a sectoid with one when ran outta ammo.Image
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It'd be cool to be able to lob grenades over buildings and if they land on top of the building to have the roof be destructable and collapse in causing minor damage. Later you could lob a grenade into the building through the missing roof.

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I'm not sure how far Codo has advanced with the new LSN version announced almost a year ago, but I believe that the following features would make it the most popular tactical wargame ever:
1) Real *Multi*Player (like 16+ players)
2) Several MultiPlayer modes: One-on-One, team-vs-team, team CoOp vs AI
3) Playable on LAN without Internet connection (local hosting)
4) Optional host setting "Public Game": After the battle has ended you can view/replay the entire game without Fog Of War.
AD1) The WEGO turn-based model used by LSN is simply the perfect game engine for turn-based multiplayer games. Stars! used the same model and you could easily run a 16 player game with 1 day/turn. Orders could carry over to the following turn and turns could be force-generated)
AD2) CoOp turn-based strategy games are wonderful, but unfortunately rare.
AD3) The reason LSN isn't much more popular is the pay-to-play-online-only model. Many private LAN's don't feature Internet connection.
AD4) Nothing like seeing a good Replay Image

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1) 16+ would be a massacre, not really strategy/tactical. Well, with the exception on City of Dusk - scale map, what is not supported by current engine, though in theory quite possible.
2) AI - no. developing a good AI (not scripted one from campaign missions) is too much of unefficient work. LSN isn't ''really'' getting profit from sold copies, so unless the strategy of deployment of the software be drastically changes, such sort of enhancing single player would be waste of resources.
3) Once again, project strategy... local server = no income for codo. if this changed (lsn through steam?) - conversation can be started.
4) you can already watch wholegames without "god view", i'm pretty sure you know what LGA is? Also FW, admin of LGA is working on making "god view" out of 2 wholegames from both sides and maybe for hoseat it would be possible to have complete god view. But nevertheless i definitely agree with you, "God view" is an excellent feature to be made by codo themselves, with different highlighting features.
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LSN Name: Duke Garland Alliance: Rock'n'Roll Suicides (captain)

Location: Ukraine, GMT+2 Specialist: League of Ordinary Gentlemen (captain)

The logic of war seems to be that if a belligerent can fight, he will fight - Rudy R.


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Hi - Great ideas so far. I would also like less increments of zoom for each click of + or -, "mercenary mode" where you can use characters from any
race when deploying up to FP limit. Finally, 40 FP option for online games would make this great game even better. Its worth every penny.