A New Race: Marine Rangers

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Instead of a whole new race I would like a Marine Rangers unit. They're more for hit and run attacking than the normal Marines. All unist can slowly heal themselves except for the dogs.
Mobile HQ - Like a normal HQ but can move slowly. 1pt.
Snipers - Like the ones we have already. 2pts.
Super Commander - Heavier armour and better gun. On par with the AI. 4pts.
Grenadier Ranger - Like the regular one, but has 2 explosive grenades, 2 poison, 2 incendiary and 2 smoke. 2pts.
Remote Operative - He has a little remote control vehicle he sends off scouting. The bot is as fast as a buzzer and can self destruct with a small explosion. The Operative then has to get a new one from HQ. 2pts.
Dogs - Like the Drones but more cuddly. 1pt.
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I like the sound of this one Image