A New Race: Fire Spawn

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A breed of Spawn that uses a lot of fire based abilities.
Fire Queen - Like a normal queen. Shoots fireballs for a close range attack. 4pts.
Fireball - A splatter type thing. He's a small ball of flame that runs around. Everywhere he stays for 3 seconds catches fire. He can explode like a splatter with a weaker but fiery explosion. 1pt.
Fire Spitter - A flame-throwing spitter. Not big range, but good area damage. 1pt.
Volcano bug - Shoots ball of flaming hot liquid that stick to its victim, and does some damage each turn like poison. 1pt.
Burning Drone - A boring old drone. 1pt.
A hopper - Weak attack, but bounces like a grenade until he latches onto somebody. Good at getting over walls. 1pt.